Some of our past events...

  1. -     Upton Jazz Festival 2011 - 2015

  2. -    Evesham River Festival 2011 - 2015

  3. -    Evesham Festival of Music

  4. -    Evesham Fresh Food Festival

  5. -    Stratford Business Forum Summer Party

  6. -    Sanders Park, Bromsgrove 2011

  7. -     Jazz Club 90 (Albrighton)

  8. -     Powick Village Fete

  9. -    Cropthorne Walkabout

  10. -     Honeybourne Christmas Party

What’s music if you can’t have a listen? Feel free to enjoy our musical delights below with a couple of our favourite numbers from Evesham River Festival back in 2013. We are musicians, and as much as we like our music, please don’t use it to your benefit, after all, we do work hard to entertain in our special way!


”These young musicians played with such enthusiasm, such enjoyment and such amazing musical talent that they had our audience in the palms of their hands. For a band so young they were like a breath of fresh air and certainly knew how to communicate with the audience. If you like to hear young musicians who are determined that the audience will enjoy themselves without in any way detracting from their musical talent then you should try to see the Second Line, or if you run a jazz club and want to help keep jazz alive BOOK 'EM!”

Jazz Club 90, Feb 2014.